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Wnp.com is a Bitcoin advertising network that came into Crypto advertising industry in the fourth quarter of 2017. Since then the network have delivered thousands of impressions and clicks. Starting you campaign or registering as a publisher on network is quite fast. As an advertiser, you are likely to get high conversion for your website thanks to the dedicated team behind the project. Wnp.com previously, has also banned several websites that were reported for fake traffic in order to ensure quality traffic to advertisers.

Wnp is a new network and CPM is quite low, it still seems to have much potential in future. In case, you are a publisher fulfilling all the publisher approval guidelines you are likely to get approved within 48 hours.

Beginning with WNP.com
  • Go to the site here
  • Register for a new account and confirm your email

After confirming your Email you are ready to advertise your product or publish their ads on your site.


  • Only accepts organic traffic and have banned sites using artificial traffic sources
  • Prompt payment to publishers
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Referral system
  • Provides useful insights regarding campaigns
  • Device and Geo targeting
  • You can use your publisher’s balance to create advertising campaigns


  • Very low CPM rate as compared to other networks such A-ads
  • Can be difficult to reach withdrawal threshold due to low CPM rates


The network sounds good if you are a Crypto advertiser looking to advertise your product. For few bucks, you can run a good marketing campaign on Wnp.com and reach hundreds of Crypto users. As a publisher, your benefits are not that great. With low CPM rates and massive checks on your site you might be looking to switch for a better network.

This Network is Now Closed

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