LinkShrink | Earn Money by Shrinking Links

There are many link shortener website but only few them boast of high payout rates. LinkShrink is another link shortener website that have a very high payout rate i.e. up to $5.5 per 1000 visits and is also crypto friendly.

It is very simple to get started on LinkShrink.

How to begin?

First you need to go to LinkShrink and signup using your desired Email and password. After creation of your account you will need to activate your account from the link that you will receive in E-mail. After confirmation, enter the site by providing your login credentials to be redirected to your dashboard

Once login, shorten any link that you wish to promote, you can promote any link including referral link, etc. After getting your shorten link, all you need is to promote it on various forums.

The site provides various withdrawal method such as

1- Paypal
2- Bitcoin
3- Ethereum and
4- Litecoin

Join LinkShrink  now to boost your income.
Happy Earning


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