First Bitcoin Faucet | Five Bitcoins Per Claim

Willing to know information about first Bitcoin faucet and its operator? Just wonder how much Bitcoin this faucet would be dispensing after each claim. Well, as a short note you might be rich already if you were such an early entrant in Cryptocurrencies. Just imagine accumulating all those Bitcoins back in 2010 and becoming a millionaire today.

First Bitcoin Faucet

Back in 2010, Gavin Andresen made the first Bitcoin faucet. Upon its inception, the faucet contained a total balance of 1100 Bitcoins. Well, it hurts while reading. Trust me it hurts me more while writing this for you, but the fact is that if you or I were at that time interested in Bitcoins and just stored them then we would be a millionaire by now.

Gavin Andresen wanted to make Bitcoin popular back in 2010. Since there were no users or merchants accepting BTC as a payment method he thought of giving 1100 Bitcoins for free to boost its acceptance. This is more than $1 Million in Bitcoins the faucet distribute at the time of this post, although they didn’t have any value back at that time!

Adding some salt to injury, around 2010-2013 there were Bitcoin faucets that were giving around 0.5-1 Bitcoin depending on your luck. However, to our bad, all of them are closed. Most faucets have a short life and so was the case with the first faucet. Some notable features of the faucet were

  • It was a 24 Hour faucet similar to
  • The faucet dispense Bitcoin on a daily basis per IP address
  • Community run faucet, where users were able to donate

Additionally, you can see the first Bitcoin faucet post in Bitcointalk here.

The developer of this faucet wanted the BTC project to succeed. For this, he made the first ever Bitcoin faucet to distribute the currency which hopefully we missed it. Maybe if time travel was real we would go back and claim some for ourselves.

The first Faucet was hosted at thisĀ site which is now obviously closed. But the time hadn’t passed away and there is still a lot of online Bitcoin faucets you can use such as Trustbtcfaucet.


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