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Announcements :

- We have added a FAQ page
- Report and Earn : For reporting a Dead network on Featured Faucet Network List you will be tipped 500 Satoshis on Faucethub so check us regularly for the prize!
- We support multi mining so you can use all Crypto mining farms at once to generate even more revenue

100Count Litecoin Virtual Mining

100Count Litecoin Virtual Mining

Cryptocurrencies mining had earlier been really profitable but now they are usually putting stress on miners CPU and GPU while they hardly make any profit out of it.

Our Virtual Mining platform ensures high returns on your virtually deployed GPU card that makes you regular profit while you browse the internet

You can mine several cryptocurrencies on our platform and receive regular payouts for 24 hours once you deploy your GPU

To start your mining rig you just have to input your address and click "Deploy My GPU" and solve shortlink for verification. Shortlink verification is there to prevent bots tampering our mining rigs and farms so our legit users have a hassle free mining experience. Once you are verified you will begin receiving free coins to your Faucethub address. So in order to succesfully deploy your system you need to make sure that your address is linked to Your mining rig shall function for straight 24 hours after deployment after which the card will expire and you will need to deploy new GPU while we scrap sale your used cards. Your virtual card will generate hashes and for every hash generated you will receive payouts directly to your Faucethub account.

Note : After deploying the GPU you need to keep the page open in order to receieve coins. If you close the page your mining rigs shall stop and you need to deploy your rig again

Thereʼs no actual hidden miners or redirects that can make mining experience disturbing for users
Please know that you are required to have your address linked to a FaucetHUB account otherwise your payments and hashes generated shall be lost

Our Top Mining Features

-High End ASCI Hardware  -Fast Payouts  -Mines to Top Pools  -99% Uptime

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Refer and earn 20% Referral Commission on every hashes they generate!