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- Faucethub is closing, we will switch to Express Crypto for payments from 01 Dec 2019!!

- We support multi tabs so you can use all Auto faucets at once to generate even more revenue

100Count Faucet Network FAQ- Your Home to Crypto Faucets

Frequently Asked Questions

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100Count is a website working to bring Micro earnings to masses. We believe that the internet should be enough to make one's basic financial need meets. Our team strives to highlight the best possible Micro Earnings website for you.

In Micro Earnings, a faucet is an online program that gives free Cryptocurrencies to users. There are many such platforms to benefit from. Usually, the users are required to fill captchas or visit Shortlinks to get rewarded

An Autofaucet is a program that gives free Cryptocurrencies to users after a certain amount of time. In turn, user's are required to keep their tabs open.

It is very simple, to begin with. All you need to do is input your Cryptocoin address in the address field and hit "Deploy my GPU button". After that, you will need to fill a shortlink, and that's all.

Your earnings are not finite to the efforts you give. Instead, you can even earn $5 a day if you have handful of referrals working for you. In simple words, how much can you earn entirely depends on the your hard work

Cryptocurrencies prices are volatile. The claim rate changes in relation to Bitcoin and Altcoin price changes

Every business has its own profit model. We know some autofaucets are paying higher than us but it entirely depends on the way they function Many autofaucets timer expires within a few hours and others require multiple shortlinks verifications to begin. In comparison, our autofaucets run for a continuous 24 hours and you don't need to come back after a specific amount of mind

There are several other features we have in our plan. As of now you can use our Faucets Rotator and visit our Faucets list to amplify your earnings

A faucet rotator is a web page that combines multiple faucets in a single platform. This helps users to claimer faster than usual in turn increasing their income