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Why are Auto Faucets Most Special?

One click use with easy Faucet access

Instead of coming up with a complex sign up, are auto faucets are very easy to use and begin your fauceting journey

Powerful and Compact Design

Our powerful and responsive design assure you 24/7 service without any hiccups or poor GUI

More than an Auto Faucet

100Count is not any other out of the box Auto Faucet, rather we have plenty of options to help you make a passive income

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Our Best Services Are Available Just A Click Away!

100Count Auto Faucets are designed to work in a smooth and professional manner to provide a thrilling experience for our users. We work with several reowned Crypto platforms to bring the best service for our clients.

Besides, 100Count greatly values our users's time and don't want them to return to our page after every few minutes. Just fire up our auto and build your passive income through a large network of referrals.

In short, run our auto faucets while you travel or browse your favorite music without the worry of time expiration.

Our Awesome Features

State of the Experience

We provide exciting experience to all of our users to make every moment memorable.

Blazing Fast

100Count Auto Faucets are blazing fast with 99% uptime to deliver the best service .

Clean Design

Top-notch design with extra value added features only mean more engagement for our audience


With utmost optimization our 100Count Auto Faucets can be used on almost all types of device

Industry Leader

Our Auto Faucet is among the industry leader with monthly thousands of users

Exceptional Support

Our exceptional support only means a quick fix to all of your problems










Our Features

Auto Faucets

24 Hours Run Time

No Hidden Redirects

Build for Passive Income

Top Notch Support

Industry reowned and recognized Auto Faucet


Exciting way to increase daily Crypto Income

No Withdrawal threshold

Mutiple Games

Instant Payments

No Redirects

Coinpot Rotator

Easy to Use Rotator

All Coinpot Websites

No hidden redirects or popunders to disturb your experience

Smooth design

24/7 Service

Premium Faucet List

Daily updated premium faucet list

Mobile friendly

Contains all Faucethub faucets

Sleek design to keep you engaged

Easy navigation around different Crypto coins

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Andre Garneau

Our Top Rated User

“ 100count is a great faucet, no shortlinks, no pop-ups and easy captcha to claim your litoshi's. I love using it daily and I am now claiming 100% extra with dozens of referrals. ”


Our Branded User

“ I really love this site. I hope you’ll continue the service.”


Faucet User

“ Overall great site, easy to navigate, simple to use and good autos there! ”


Our Branded User

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