FamilyClix | Earn Money For Watching Paid Ads

Paid To Click

FamilyClix is a fast growing Paid to Click website due to its Crypto friendly payment service. Although it contains ton of ads but its low withdrawal policy and supporting several Crypto coins have made it a leader in Crypto related PTC sites.

Getting started on FamilyClix
  1. Signup for an account here
  2. After successful signup login to your dashboard with the provided login details
  3. Click on earn money tab and watch your income grow

On FamilyClix you can earn from several tasks, such as

  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Offerwalls
  • Flip the coin
  • Paid to Signup Offers
  • FamilyGrid
  • Referral
  • Mining
  • Renting Referrals

The website have a pretty nice script and admins are eagerly looking to help users if something concerns them. However, there are some drawbacks due to which I personally don’t recommend using this PTC and encourage networks such as not or Clixcoin. This is because the program does not credit referral clicks if you hadn’t browse any ads for a particular day. Secondly, if you fail to login for consecutive 45 days your balance will be fortified.


From FamilyClix you can withdraw your money in several coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Besides, it also supports several other payment option. The minimum payment at time of writing this post is $2 and is paid with in maximum of 7 days.


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