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Tired of waiting on your favorite faucets to claim again? Why don’t you try ES-facuet to diversify your methods for making Crypto online? ES Faucet is not just the same as many other Crypto faucets out there. It features a smooth GUI and a sleek design to keep users engage with their platform.

The platform is supported by an enthusiastic team that wants to introduce Crypto to masses. For many novices and even veteran faucet user’s ES Faucet can be one of your favorites to start your Crypto journey.

The network is big and doesn’t include a fixed timer to claim your free coins. Rather, you decide how often can you claim. In addition, there is a daily bonus to benefit from and you can even use the built-in miner on ES faucet to amplify your income. But before you jump and signup on the platform there is more to brag about this platform.

ES Faucet supports multiple currencies and they constantly rely on user’s feedback to support more of them. At first, you might have thought this would just be another Bitcoin faucet like FreeBitcoin but in reality, it is a lot different. ES faucet supports several major Digital assets which include Litecoin, Ripple, Basic Attention Token, ZRX and many more.

Further, the ES Faucet is powered by their very own ES-Coin. This coin can be handy to claim several bonuses and other perks. Well, who knows this coin might make its way on Coinmarketcap someday as an ERC-20 token? If so, I’m sure you would quite regret not using the platform!

ES Faucet Top Notch Features

Already excited to sign up on the website? You can join them HERE!

The ES-Faucet have several edge cutting features that many Crypto faucets fail to deliver. It is not just a simple 4,5 pages faucet that can make you bore in a while. Instead, the team behind the platform have put extra focus on the user interface to keep your stay worthwhile. People love interacting with Faucet websites and many traditional faucets lack this unique feature. Here are some of the thrilling features of this platform

  • Weekly bonuses – If you are really looking to make money using faucets than this feature would be really helpful. You can avail weekly bonuses paid out in ES Coin from the platform. For this, you just need to reach level 1 which can easily be achieved within a few hours of active engagement. Besides, that bonus amount also increases in relation to your Level!
  • A dark and light version of the faucet – The faucet easily blends with low light thanks to its switchable theme feature. Protect your eyes using the dark mode if you are engaging from a dark place.
  • Low withdrawal threshold – You don’t need to wait for weeks to see your coins in the wallet. The faucet provides a very low threshold that can be reached within a day. Besides, the wallet also supports withdrawals to Coinbase with no fees! Looks like a very promising feature to many US and UK users.
  • While earning from several Crypto faucets, you can also use the mining feature to earn more. The mining feature also helps you to choose the threads so you don’t overheat your CPU keeping it safe
  • Referral Commission – It pays to promote them! But instead of the conventional referral system on many faucets, their platform provides dynamic referral earnings. This means your referral and you both will benefit from using them.
  • Offerwalls – The team behind ES Faucet have paid special consideration to blend a lot of micro earnings feature for their users. There are several offers on the ES Faucet you can advantage of. If you are really into faucet earnings don’t try to check their special offers where you can easily earn $1 for doing simple tasks!

The Bonus

There is also a very unique feature of ES that many of our users would probably love. The platform has its own dedicated applications on iOS and Android store. This means you don’t need to visit their website every time and can also access your dashboard just with the touch of an app!

This brings increased opportunity for many faucet users looking to earn Cryptos from their mobile device. In addition, the team also have two separate Crypto fun games to keep you busy in your leisure time in case you still feel bored from the faucets. This includes Crypto Math and Litoshi Stacker applications available on Android.

Although, there is one thing you should take note of ES faucets. This is the fact that all of the faucets app on Android and iOS are separate which can be a little turn off for users having an avergae mobile device. If you have some average or low-end mobile device it is likely you wouldn’t be able to install all of their applications to benefit from.

In Conclusion

Overall, the website is really a great way to make money. I would highly recommend signing up on their platform and check out the multiple ways it offers to boost your faucet earnings. Besides, the more time you will spend on the website, the higher will be your chances to avail amazing bonuses helping you climb up the leaderboard.

In addition, with the several Offer and Surveys to earn from,  ES Faucet is a one-stop platform for most of your faucet earnings!

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