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Eobot is the oldest surviving cloud mining service where users can mine their own favorite coins. The site was established in a period when Cryptos were not mainstream. Since then the site have paid hundreds of several Altcoins and dozen of Bitcoins to its users. If you are looking to test how cloud mining works before making an investment Eobot is the best place start with

Starting on Eobot

1 .Sign up on the siteĀ here
2. After successful signup, login to your account
3. From Product tab select faucet, solve captcha and claim free coins daily
4. Exchange coins for GHS (Mining power) you can also directly claim mining power from Faucet
5. You can mine several coins or even mine Hashrate to increase your daily income.

Note : Eobot is a website where you can learn how Cloud mining works it is just a tool to play with and one should not invest in it more than he can afford to loose.

Additionally you can also purchase Hashpower on the site by depositing any of the supported coin or paying with a Debit/Credit card. However using a Debit/Credit card will disable your withdrawal for a specific period of time

Some of the currencies support by Eobot currently includes

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Lisk, Dash and more

Moreover, you can also earn more by referring people to the site or connecting your own mining rig to their mining pool. For more information regarding Eobot you can see their FAQ here


You can withdraw your coins on Eobot once you reach the withdrawal threshold which is different for every coin.


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