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[Sticky] Guidelines for Paid to Post Payment Proofs  


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29/07/2018 2:19 pm  

This is the Rules to be eligible for receiving a payment on Faucethub.
Reward : Dogecoins based on category

- You need to post at least two payment proofs of faucet
- AutoFaucets are not accepted in this category
- Reward : 0.5 Dogecoin

Paid to Click (PTC)
- For every PTC site just one payment proof is needed 
- Reward : 0.5 Dogecoins

- For Mining, it defines, every type of mining websites or mining faucets on internet. However websites having withdrawal threshold below 100 Satoshis or equivalent (in other Cryptocurrencies) are exempt from payment.
- You need to post at least two payment proofs of payment if withdrawal threshold is above 100 Satoshis but below 500 Satoshis. For websites where withdrawal threshold is 500 Satoshis only one payment proof is needed
-Reward : 1 Dogecoin 

- Includes all HYIPs on Internet as long as they exist
- You need to post just one payment proof of HYIP on this forum to get a payment
-Reward : 1 Dogecoin 

- Include all other types of website not covered above. Rewards for this category are based on type of website and is dynamic.

General Rules
- Once payment proof of a faucet/HYIP/other is submitted by any User on the forum the payment for other payment proofs for same website will not be paid. 
- Don't try to cheat the system. All payments are manually send. 
- Your Dogecoin Address should be linked to Faucethub.io
- You need to post your Dogecoin address in post or in your Signature to receive payments.
- Your payment proofs will be checked if we can, if it is dated after 29th of July it is likely to be accepted

For delayed payment contact us on Chat or via Contact form.

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