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Multicoin Faucet

Coingratisan is yet another multicoin faucet competing against FaucetCrypto to attract users on its multicoin faucet site. The site came into existence to meet the growing need of user’s looking to collect several different coins from one site. Additionally, the site also helps its members to mine cryptocurrencies using their browser for additional income. What else? Well the site is also equipped with high paying autofaucets that pays you instantly.

Coingratisan provides faucet for all coins supported by Faucethub, along with Stellar Lumens. You can also exchange coins and try your luck making profit from exchange.

Some features of Coingratisan includes
  • 5 Minutes timer between each claim
  • Multiple currencies to choose from
  • Ability to mine Cryptocurrencies using GPU and CPU
  • 15% Lifetime Referral commission
  • No minimum amount for withdrawal and instant payments
  • AutoFaucets for additional income
  • Support currencies not supported by Faucethub such as XLM

Despite all these, you might find some cons on the site.

  • Only 100 Claims available a day on Faucets and Autofaucets
  • Shortlinks that have their own Popads to deal with
  • It can take time to reach withdrawal threshold if you are directly withdrawing to your wallet.

Conclusion, I highly recommend using this faucet and promoting it. This is because of the fact that it contains very less popads and annoying things that disturbs a user experience. Also you can mine cryptocurrencies and claim simultaneously from faucets and autofaucets for additional profits.

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