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Paid To Click

Clixcoin is a new Paid to Click website offering its users several earning opportunities. The website have a decent script which is user friendly and easy to use enhancing user’s experience in Crypto related PTC sites. Clixcoin helps Advertisers to get high quality views on their websites while awarding users in Bitcoin to do so. Recently, the website have gained a lot of popularity in Crypto space as one of best PTC service provider.

Starting on Clixcoin

It is very easy to start making some Bitcoins using the website.

1- Go to Clixcoin and signup with your desired login credentials
2- On successful signup login to your account, which will redirect to your Dashboard
3- Click on “Earn Bitcoin” tab and select the method you wish to earn Bitcoin from

There are several ways to earn using the website, these includes

  • Surf Ads
  • Surf in Active Window
  • Auto Surf Ads
  • Referral Commission

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Withdrawals are send to your Bitcoin wallet instantly upon reaching withdrawal threshold . At the time of writing this post, it is the only withdrawal option and the withdrawal threshold at time of writing this post is 0.0002 Bitcoin.

Happy Earning


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