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Link Shrink is a Bitcoin link shortner service that pays you for every unique visit. It was previously known as ProLink until it was acquired by the owner of to increase micro earning services. is more stable than other link shortners which gets closed shortly after being online. The network supports Faucethub as payment option.

Some features of the includes
  • Multiple tools to increase earning
  • Able to create campaigns for advertisers
  • A decent 30% referral commission
  • Publishers can transfer their balance to advertisers account
  • Withdrawals are send to Faucethub to pool your earnings
  • Provides details Stats in order to track earnings


All withdrawals are send to Faucethub once your balance reaches $5. However, the withdrawals are not instant and can take some time to process.

Payout Rates

You can see the latest payout rates here


It is highly recommended to use this Link Shrink network because of the stability it provides. There are several services like this but most of them gets shutdown within few days of operation. This is mainly because most of them doesn’t know how to balance cost and payouts. stand as one of the most stable link shrink service and you are always sure to get quality traffic to your site as an advertiser and receive payments directly to your microwallet as a publisher.

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