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Bitverts is a fast growing Bitcoin paid to click website known for its unique design. At the time of post, the website is still in beta but have already registered thousands of Crypto related users. The website have a unique design and best part of the site is its Youtube ads. This tool is can be very popular for ICO’s trying to enrich its audience about their token and eventually reaching . Another benefits to advertisers is that they can advertise in several Crypto currencies and reach their target audience more accurately. As for the user, the site provides several methods to earn free Cryptos.

Starting with Bitverts
  • Sign up for an account here
  • Login to your account after successful signup to be redirected to your Dashboard
  • Click on “Earning” tab from menu and watch your income grow
  • You can earn four cryptocurrencies by watching add

There are several ways to earn on Bitverts, this includes

  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Wheel Spin
  • Lottery
  • Dice Game
  • Hidden treasure and referral commission


Each coin has different withdrawal limit on Bitverts. This depends on network fees and Blockchain congestion although the transactions are processed instantly. You can also use the website’s built in currency exchange to exchange your coins for one another. At the time of post, current withdrawal limits and fees for coins are,

Coin Minimum Fees
Bitcoin 0.0001 0.00003
Ethereum 0.001 0.0003
Litecoin 0.002 0.0002
Bitcoin Cash 0.0002 0.00002

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