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Bitmedia is a leading Bitcoin CPC based advertising network. It is one of the oldest and legit network having hundreds of publishers. Because of its strong background it might hard for some publishers to get approval. Unlike many other Bitcoin ad networks Bitmedia usually pays for Cost per click instead of CPM. So if you don’t have a good CTR you earnings might be really low. To be eligible for becoming publisher, Bitmedia have a very strict criteria and previously have rejected several Crypto related sites.

Benefits of Bitmedia

There are several benefits for joining this network.

  • Detailed stats for advertisers and publishers
  • As an advertiser you only pay for valid clicks
  • Several ads format available for publishers and advertisers
  • Supports Geo targeting for advertising
  • Low minimum threshold for withdrawals

However you should take note of the following before trying this network

  • If your website doesn’t generates enough clicks it will be hard to reach withdrawal threshold
  • If fake or artificial traffic is detected, your website will be ban
  • You should also maintain quality traffic source to avoid a ban as publisher

Despite this, the network is one of the top network among Crypto advertising and you can also earn some Bitcoins from CPM based advertiser’s campaign.


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