How to make a Bitcoin faucet profitable?

Are you planning to open a Bitcoin faucet?. Are you running a Bitcoin faucet and suffering loss? Or are you working hard to make your Bitcoin faucet profitable?. Well, we have document some points for you that might make you help turn your Bitcoin faucet more profitable.

Making a Bitcoin faucet profitable

1. Not using a default faucet script
Most of the faucet using default faucet script tend to suffer losses because the way they are coded requires user to enter their address and claim from faucet. This can be done with in a span of 10 seconds. This mostly doesn’t generate revenue as most of the time unique visitor is not accounted for and also leads to a high bounce rate which is not healthy for any website.

2. Adding a login page
If you can do this, it is a gem. Every time a user visits the site to claim he must login before starting. This feature is present in some of the known faucets. This can help your faucet in a lot of ways such as,

  • Making an additional layer to prevent bots
  • Helps you to reduce bounce rate
  • Make your website more engaging
3. Adding games

This idea is becoming popular among new faucets as adding simple HTML5 games can help retain some users for a longer time reducing bounce rate and increasing website engagement.

4. Come with something new
Yes, if you have knowledge about Php, you can easily come up with something new. There are several faucets that have diverse idea to claim Bitcoins. Why not create a faucet where a user have to shoot on bottles and each bottle contains some Satoshis? A faucet named ShotBTC faucet was already doing it. Everybody can come up with new ideas which can be

  • Selecting several colors and each colors contain random rewards
  • Hitting on something such as table, etc and each hits give you some Satoshis
5. Move away from creating Bitcoin faucets

Much hurtful but it is true. Move way from Bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin price has skyrocketed to above $10000 and giving 10,20 Satoshis doesn’t attract much visitors unless you have something unique or has been in market for long. Try to open faucets for other Altcoins such as Dogecoin, Stellar Lumens. 1 Dogecoin or 0.25 XLM sounds better than 0.00000020 Bitcoin. Ever though you will be paying the same amount in Bitcoins. However, since many Altcoins are volatile in nature and can suddenly pumped you need to put some extra efforts to maintain your balance.

There are several other ways that can help you to create a profitable faucet such as Marketing your faucet, adding banner rotators, etc but the profitability for Bitcoin faucets depends on the amount of security it have to prevent bots and the ads network willing to approve the site.

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