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Bitcoadz is a fast growing Bitcoin advertising network. Since its formation it have already paid thousands of Satoshis to its publishers. Bitcoadz provides a great place if you are looking to advertise your campaign specially ICO’s or any other Crypto related site. The site provides more than a million impressions and thousands of clicks daily.

Since its creation the network has provided thousands of conversion for webmasters and continues to bring value to advertisers. The site have campaigns for CPM, CPC and Pop unders.

Benefits of Joining Bitcoadz for Publishers and Advertisers
  • Fast approval for publishers if you meet the criteria
  • High CPM as compared to other networks
  • Low minimum threshold
  • High conversion rate for advertisers
  • Low advertising cost as compared to other networks
  • Detailed reports about campaigns
  • Referral commission for users
  • Several advertising formats

Bitcoadz network was founded in 2017 and in its early stage it attracted a lot of advertisers and publishers. This was mainly because of the need for new Bitcoin related ads network. Bitcoadz was one of the first network to identify this need and has since cope up with its promise for delivering quality traffic to advertisers. Finally, if you have any query related to the network you are likely to get it resolved within few hours thanks to the friendly support.

The network also features a marketplace where advertisers can only advertise their product or service to targeted sites, thus filtering out websites that they deemed unfit for their money. In case if you can’t find the site you wish to place ads on, you can always contact the support.

Bonus : In case, if you qualify for premium publisher on the network you are likely to receive even higher CPM rates.

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