| Monetize your links is another amazing service enabling people to earn money by using its link shortener. With many link shortner websites popping these days,  the website remains one of the highest paying website in industry.

Getting Started with

To start making your first buck, all you need to do is get a link and make it short using and then promote it on various forum.

1. Sign Up on website here
2. Login in to your dashboard, once you have successfully signed up
3. On your dashboard you will be able to Shrink any link you wish, including any referral link
4. Copy the link you see after shrinking your main link and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Etc to generate revenue.

You can check website rates per country on their Payout Rates.

Upon reaching withdrawal threshold you can submit a withdrawal using following options. Minimum threshold is $10

1- Paypal
2- Bitcoin

Also check about Link Shrinking service

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