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ADconity is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency advertising network powering several Crypto projects. ADconity was established in early 2018 at the time when many Crypto projects started to struggle with falling Bitcoin prices. This lead to several crypto projects going bankrupt but ADconity stayed strong in this situation. As of today,  ADconity offers several ad formats to its advertisers and publishers. Since its formation it have already delivered thousands of impressions and clicks. The network manually accepts the site makes sure it brings quality traffic.

Benefits for joining ADconity
  • An established Bitcoin advertising network
  • Strict publisher approval criteria to protect advertisers
  • Hardly accepts faucets with no unique design or ready made scripts
  • Provide detailed reports for advertisers and publishers in order to provide better insights
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • As an advertiser you are eligible for bonus on your first deposit at the time of post
  • In order to protect advertisers and publishers revenue figures are display in USD
  • You can also earn from referral commission using the network

As of now the network supports CPM, CPA and Popunder campaigns. The admin and network itself is highly social. They are available on several social platforms for ease of communication. Since many networks aims to forms a niche in advertising industry ADconity aims to grasp as many opportunities as possible. From ICO’s to Crypto projects and Micro earning services the network accepts campaigns for every type of advertising.

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