Litecoin Faucet

Litecoin Faucet

Litecoin Faucet by 100Count
Make sure you have an account on before claiming since all of your claims are instantly send to
You can claim between 120 to 150 Litoshis every 5 minutes from this faucet.
Claim amount changes in relation to Litecoin’s price and revenue from site.
Payout will be send automatically to your account.
Payments are send within 30 minutes of claim.
Seniority bonus increases daily for by 1% for 15 days and 2% for the next 15 days and 3% for next 15 days. Seniority Bonus is paid 100% at 45 days
Lifetime referral Commission is 25%. Your referral link can be found at the bottom of this page.
You can also see Faucet FAQ’s Here

We are running a Referral contest where the top referral for month of March, will win 20000 Litoshis from us. The winner will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter Page on 31 March. Balance will be send to his account.
Currently address LgwomoTcrjLtaqcCFeiWsCzYrWR2oWmRU7 is winning to get the prize with a total of 25 referred address
You can check referral contest Stats Here

If something doesn’t work feel free to Contact us

All Payments are made within 30 Minutes after claim
Don’t Forget to visit our Coinpot Faucets Rotator to maximize your earnings
You can check your balance, referrals and Faucet stats any time Here

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100Count Litecoin Faucet

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