Bittrex Exchange | U.S Based Crypto Exchange


Bittrex is one of reputable crypto currency exchange offering trading pairs in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. It is based in USA, and boast itself as the first exchange to apply for New York Bitlicense’s allowing the exchange to serve users in New York. For Bittrex security is one of the main important feature. It claims itself as a robust exchange and also offers a corporate account for those willing to have one.

Registering on Bittrex

Registering on the exchange is quite easy and takes few seconds

  • Go to the site here
  • Register with your desired login credentials and confirm your account
  • All set. Now you are ready to start trading on Bittrex


– Easy sign up process
– Very helpful support staff
– Very low trading fees
– Host dozens of crypto currencies pair to diversify your portfolio
– Ability to request paper copies of your trading history
– Hardly hangs or freezes
– On price graph you can use several trading tools and studies before making an investment
– House one the biggest Ethereum markets
– Have own slack community


– You can not make a withdrawal without verifying your account
– High withdrawal fees on several coins, that usually affects small traders even though transactions are send in batches
– Sometimes get slow due to heavy traffic
– Even though support staff is helpful, your query might take a week to be answered
– Some trading pairs might be shutdown for an unannounced maintenance.
– Is known for disabling User’s account and locking their fund that lead mass Crypto outflow from exchange.

However despite its various cons, Bittrex ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange in terms of 24 hour volume.


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